ROA Department of Texas Officers 2019


Voting Members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM)

Department President
COL Dan Foust USA (Ret)
Department Senior VP/President-ElectTBA 
Army Section Vice President LTC David Green, SJA, TXARNG
Army Section Junior Vice President Vacant 
Naval Services Section Vice PresidentCAPT George Ripple, USN (Ret.)
Naval Services Junior Vice President VacantVacant
Air Force Section Vice President
Col Marilyn Pattillo, USAF (Ret.)
Air Force Section Junior Vice PresidentVacantVacant
Immediate Past President
Col Mary Todd, USAF (Ret.)
Dept. National Council Representative COL Marco A. Marin, USA (Ret.)
Executive Secretary & TreasurerCOL Marco A. Marin, USA (Ret.)

Elected Non Voting members of the EXCOM

Judge AdvocateVacant 
Chaplain Vacant 
Surgeon Vacant 
Dental Surgeon Vacant 

Appointed Department Officers (non voting members of EXCOM)

Sergeant at Arms Vacant 

Other Officer positions(recommended in Dept. Officers Handbook)

WebmasterKathy Lanham (Contractor)

Department Standing Committee Chairs (all appointed)

Constitution and By-laws Committee  
Legislative Committee  
Membership CommitteeCol Ralph Hockely, USA (Ret.)

Appointed sixty(60) calendar days prior to the state convention

Nominating Senior Vice President/President ElectTBA
Time and PlaceImmediate Past President
AuditingLt Col Bill Lebo, USAF (Ret.)
 Chapter Presidents 
Chapter Location/StatusPresidentEmail
Chapter 5 (Austin) President
Col Marilyn Pattillo, USAF (Ret.)
Chapter 5 (Austin) SecretaryLt Col Douglas E.
Chapter 5 (Austin) TreasurerLt Col Douglas E.
Chapter 18  (Dallas-Fort Worth) President
Col Kaaren Tueber, USAF (Ret.)
Chapter 18  (Dallas-Fort Worth) Secretary and TreasrerCOL Marco Marin, USA (Ret.)
Chapter 33 (Houston) President/Web Co-AdministratorLTC Phillip Sickinger, USA (Ret.)
Chapter 33 (Houston) Secretary
LTC Al Nash, LTC, USA (Ret.)
Chapter 33 (Houston) Treasurer & Web Co-administratorLTC Garry Schoonover, USA (Ret.)
Chapter 33 (Houston) SurgeonCol Deborah Hodge USAF (Ret)
Chapter 53 (Alamo) President/ROTC CoordinatorMAJ Wendy Weller, USA (Ret.)
Chapter 53 (Alamo) SecretaryLTC David Woodward, USA (Ret.) 
Chapter 53 (Alamo) TreasurerCOL John Lindquist, USA (Ret.) 
Chapter 53 (Alamo) VP ArmyVacant 
Chapter 53 (Alamo) VP AFMAJ GEN Dick Anderegg, USAF (Ret.)
Chapter 53 (Alamo) Sea ServicesCAPT George Rippel, USN (Ret.)
Chapter 53 (Alamo) Chaplain and SVPLTC William Dovali, USA (Ret.) 
148 Heart of Texas (Inactive)inactive 
149 El Paso (Inactive)inactive